The Massachusetts Bay Colony Speaks to Homeschoolers

373 years ago today the Great and General Court of the Massachusetts Bay Colony voted to establish the first college in what would eventually become the United States. October 28th, 1636 the legal foundation for Harvard University was established.


With an ACT score of 31-34, an SAT score in the 2080-2370 range and $47,215 per year for tuition, your high school son or daughter can apply for acceptance at Harvard today. There are few more prestigious schools than Harvard and it certainly makes for a good education and an impressive resume.

That said- education is free. Absolutely, completely, totally, 100% FREE! It’s free for your sons. It’s free for your daughters. And it’s free for you and your spouse. All you have to do to get an education is to open your mind, open a book and begin. Education rains down as freely on us all as sunshine or oxygen. It’s there for the taking for anyone who wants it.

We often refer to education as if it’s something done TO someone- a passive act like having a root canal. “They gave him the best education money could buy” is a common phrase we’ve all heard. But education is never an act of passivity. NO ONE can “give” you an education- even if you pay $47, 215 a year to have them do it.

YOU have to want it, go after it, devour it and absorb it. It’s an active pursuit rather than a passive one. Do your children know this? Did you? Have you thought about it? Your children need to hunger and thirst for learning.

Proverbs 18:15 reminds us, “The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge; the ears of the wise seek it out.”

Did you catch that? ACQUIRE! SEEK! Those are ACTIVE words. From pre-school to the grave, education is there for the taking. For the wise and the discerning it’s readily available for those who read, ask questions and seek knowledge.

Tell your children this important truth today. Remind them that it’s THEIR education we’re talking about- a right that NO ONE can deny them except for themselves. THEY are the ONLY ONES who can deny themselves an education- if they don’t care enough to pursue it, seek it out and acquire it.


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