Steve Lambert Speaks to Homeschoolers

I’ve written this column Monday thru Friday for the past four months. Today I’m on the road traveling from Eastern Tennessee back to Kansas City. That gives me 832 miles to think of something to write.

And for the first time I’ve come up empty-headed and empty-handed. Maybe it’s the beginning of a long thoughtless streak. Chances are however, it’s a one-day phenomenon. So what do you say when you can’t think of anything to say?

Answer: Nothing.

What does this have to do with homeschooling?

There are days when we don’t have a brilliant teaching plan or an inspired mind of Godly wisdom to impart to our children. And it’s okay to admit that. In fact, sometimes it’s the best thing you can do; admitting that you’re human just like your children and that every day isn’t always filled with enthusiasm, ambition and inspiration.

Ask your children what THEY want to learn about today. You’ll be surprised at what they have to share. You MAY discover that some of the very best days are the days when your children suggest something they’d like to learn more about and TOGETHER you go on a learning journey.


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    Lisa Hassler said,

    You spoke to me. I didn’t appreciate how far it is from Eastern TN to Kansas City. I knew from Durham, NC to Cape Girardeau, MO is ~750 miles, so I would’ve thought that Eastern TN to Kansas City would’ve been less. Drive safely. God bless.

  2. 2

    Sheri said,

    Yay! I have permission to have those bad days! LOL. actually I completely agree. We have had some great days when that happens. Yesterday my daughter, while reading goodness knows what, looked up at me and said “Wait a second…medieval times are real? I was stunned at the question but then assured her they were and she asked me to find books for her on the topic.

    Dylan walked down the hall and said “Oh I know Madi! That is such an interesting part of history.” And they took off on their own discussion about that point in history that left me speechless and free from teaching.

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