Try Driving in Rush Hour With Your Eyes Taped Shut!

It was 32 years ago today when famous British hypnotist Romark announced he was going to drive an automobile blindfolded, relying on his supernatural powers to guide him. On October 12, 1977, Romark climbed into a bright yellow Renault in the northeast London neighborhood of Ilford and pointed the vehicle down Cranbrook Rd. Romark had coins placed over each eye, then layers of putty followed by several wraps of dark fabric to prove that he absolutely had no ability to see with his natural eyes. A crowd gathered.

Confidently, Romark put the little Renault in gear and drove off down Cranbrook quite successfully for the first 50 or 60 feet. Then he ran into the rear-end of a parked Police van- thus ending the experiment. Romark remarked to the chuckling crowd that, “the van was parked where his logic told him it shouldn’t be.” So much for clairvoyance.

Are you driving with your eyes closed? Is your homeschool agenda driven rather than observation driven? Driving with your eyes closed is NEVER a good idea- as Romark proved 32 years ago today!

Watch your children’s facial expressions. They’ll tell you all you need to know about whether or not they’re grasping the concept you’re trying to explain.

Watch their body language. It will tell you more about their attitude than any psychologist could ever tell you.

Watch the way they interact with their siblings. This will tell you far more about how their character is developing than how they relate to strangers.

Watch what’s going on outside your window. The world is going busily on it’s way while you’re sitting at the school table. Seasons come and go and with them the opportunity to learn about God’s creation and to bring science to life. If you’re not using Jane’s Seasonal Nature Studies- order the fall study TODAY!

Watch what’s going on in the news. There are new, relevant opportunities to make school into living history every single day. If there’s a tsunami in Fiji this is a great time to learn more about the South Pacific, about tsunamis and earthquakes and about the people of Fiji. If there’s a military coup in Nicaragua this is a wonderful time to learn more about traditional clashes between military and political leaders even as you’re learning about Central America.

The list goes on. Opening your eyes on the homeschool journey every day is an invitation to the Holy Spirit to draw events, people and activities to your attention. It’s an opportunity to interact in a breathing, living way with your students rather than only through the dead liturgy found in a syllabus.

The Bible is FILLED with stories of blind eyes being opened. If you’ve been blind to the many things the Lord wants to show you, ask Him today: “Open my eyes Oh Lord, that I might see!”

Share with your children the story of the man who tried to drive through London blindfolded. Perhaps they’d like to play a game of trying to walk through a crowded room while blindfolded. Remind them to always be watching for things the Lord might show them.


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