Mrs. Beasley speaks to homeschoolers

No, no- not THIS Mrs. Beasley! mrs-beasley

The Mrs. Beasley who invented THIS! liferaft

This is the original drawing of the first life raft designed by Maria Beasley of Philadelphia which received United States patent 226,264 on April 6, 1880. Yes, a woman invented the life raft! And I suspect she was a homeschooler!

Do you ever feel like you need a life raft when you’re drowning in a sea of shouldas and wouldas and couldas, meant-tos? Most homeschoolers do.

Homeschoolers are by nature easily guilt-tripped. We second guess ourselves when our sister-in-law tells us about their little genius’ accomplishments in kindergarten, or when our mother-in-law expresses concern about “socialization.” Add to that burden the natural desire to make sure we give our children the very, very best education possible and we all-too-often find ourselves floundering in an ocean of guilt.

I want to offer you a life raft today; not the kind built of wooden planks that Mrs. Beasley invented, but rather a raft built of promises by a God who is faithful. The desire to homeschool your children is a desire born of the Spirit- an invitation to go on a remarkable journey with the Lord. And He is faithful.

Psalm 119:140 says: “Your promises have been thoroughly tested, and your servant loves them.”

Psalm 145:13 says: “The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made.”

Homeschooling is a walk of faith and a voyage of obedience. But the Lord has no plans to embarrass you or let you fail. In fact He promises that He will lift you up and get you successfully to the other shore. His promises are a life raft when we find ourselves being pulled under by doubts and fear.

Talk with your children today about the fact that women are great inventors too. Women have invented many of the objects we use in our everyday life. Have your children make a list of three things they’d like to invent someday. Consider having your children built a life raft with a piece of wood from the garage or basement. Or tie the lesson in with the raft-building project found in the Five in a Row lesson for “The Raft” from Volume 4. You can buy it as an individual digital unit here:

Now talk with your children about God’s faithfulness. Share the verses from Psalms with them and remind them that your family is on a faith-journey together and that God is always faithful.

Now talk to YOURSELF as you fall asleep tonight and take a firm grip on the raft of Life the Lord provides to those who walk in obedience to His invitation.


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    Rachel said,

    Oh my, these are words I NEEDed to hear today!! I can’t tell you how much. I appreciate this so much. Thank you.

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