Are you knuckling down?

That’s a funny phrase, isn’t it? Our best guess as to the origin of this phrase, referred to as early as 1740 by the Oxford Dictionary, is a simple one. It comes from the game of marbles. You can shoot marbles in any number of ways if you’re just fooling around. But if you’re serious about making an important shot, you place your knuckles down firmly on the ground in order to steady your hand before flicking your thumb out to strike the marble.

So to knuckle down means to get serious- to take careful aim.

Are you knuckling down this new school year? Are you taking aim at something? Or are you just randomly flicking academic marbles with no real target in mind?

Since the Bible refers to children as arrows (see Psalm 127:4) then it would make sense to have a target in mind before loosing our arrows, wouldn’t it? We need to take careful aim in all that we do with our arrows.

Do you aim for your children to sample a variety of spiritual faiths and then make their own choice when they’re adults, or are you aiming to give them a solid foundation in the Christian faith?

Are you aiming for your children to be academic know-it-alls or are you aiming to produce children who have wisdom, faith and kind hearts- as well as knowledge?

Are you hoping that your children will grow up to look out for themselves, or are you aiming to have them grow up to care for the weaker and poorer in their lives?

Are you hoping they can figure out how to make a marriage work for themselves someday, or are you aiming to give them a living model of what a healthy marriage looks like- one day at a time?

Watch this youtube video with your children and try playing a few games of marbles with them today:

You’ll quickly discover how knuckling down helps you to aim carefully at your target.

If you aim for mediocrity you’ll achieve it. But in homeschooling we need to knuckle down and take careful aim with each of our arrows- with specific targets in mind.


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    Michelle said,

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight Steve!

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