53 years ago today…

Elvis Presley made his first television appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. American pop culture was about to change forever. In his day, Presley was more famous than Michael Jackson, Branjelina and Barack Obama combined. His name, his face and his voice were known worldwide. He was better known than even Coca-Cola.

Just a year later Presley bought a home in Memphis which became more famous than Neverland will ever be: Graceland. Named after the original owner’s daughter, Grace Toof, the colonial mansion that became Elvis’ home was built by Dr. Thomas Moore and his wife Ruth in 1939. They could never have imagined that the home they built would inspire a Grammy album-of-the-year award winner (1986- Paul Simon’s Graceland) and see more than 700,000 tourist visits annually since it was first opened to visitors in 1982.

The home that Ruth and Thomas Moore built would continue to impact the world more than 70 years after it was completed. Did you know that you’re building your own Graceland? How so, you ask? Two ways…

First- the house that you’re building is being built entirely by… Grace! The Lord’s grace is foundational for all that you do in homeschooling. Yes, it takes perseverance. Yes, it takes hard work. But mostly it takes His grace. Never undersestimate the power of God’s grace in your homeschool. Ask Him specifically for His mercy and His grace each day before you begin your teaching day. You might be surprised at how your day unfolds.

Second, the “house” that you’re building with His grace each day will change and impact the world for many years to come in ways that you can’t even begin to imagine. The thought of more than 15,000,000 visitors touring the home they built never entered the minds of Ruth and Thomas Moore in 1939. But they weren’t able to see the whole picture as it would eventually unfold.  They had no way of knowing that a little 4-year-old Mississippi boy named Elvis would move to Memphis nine years later and eventually purchase the house they had just completed.

There is a mystery at work in your homeschool every day. The men and women your children become, the people they’ll marry, the children and grandchildren that will be born to them will change the world in ways that are inconceivable to you today. You’re building a “house” that will stand for generations to come with each small step you take in your homeschool classroom.

During a break today, invite your children to take a virtual tour of Graceland: http://www.elvis.com/graceland/vtour/default.asp

Tell them about the remarkable entertainer whose memory keeps this landmark alive for more than 700,000 visitors each year. And then tonight when you crawl in bed thank the Lord that he’s building your own house with His grace- a house that will change the world in unimaginable ways.


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    Becky said,


    I really enjoy your posts, and this one in particular. Having and keeping a generational mindset in all we do has been a very important thing for both my husband Jeff and I, as we have attempted to continually walk in God’s Amazing Grace and steward the 4 amazing blessings He’s given us in our children.

    Thanks for the reinforcement of this message, and may God continue to anoint and bless the words He gives you to share to so many!

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