Today in 1783, the Treaty of Paris officially…

… brought an end to the American Revolution. On September 3, 1783, Great Britain formally recognized the independence of the United States of America. Some of you are still fighting for your independence. Today is the day to declare the battle is over.

What’s that? You want to know exactly with whom you’re fighting for your independence? For more than a few of you it’s from your parents. Perhaps they disagree with your decision to homeschool, or the way you’ve chosen to raise your children. Perhaps you’re caught between their strong opinions and your own family’s independence. It’s time to declare that battle is officially over. They got to raise their children the way they thought was best. And you get to raise your children the way you think is best. You can thank them for their input but advise them that this is how you and your husband have chosen to handle your childrens education, or discipline, or church attendance, etc.

Perhaps you’re still struggling for independence from a harsh church doctrine where you were raised- a doctrine that constantly nags at the back of your mind and is in conflict with the teaching of the Bible. Today is a wonderful day to recognize your independence from those nagging old doctrines which continue to cloud your thoughts with guilt and confusion.

Or perhaps you’re still struggling with independence from yourself. Perhaps you’ve never given yourself permission to be “the adult” and to take responsibility for your own actions, family and faith. Perhaps you continuously second guess yourself, wondering whether you’re “grown up” enough to be making such important decisions. You are.

Or maybe it’s the thoughtless words of parents, teachers or friends when you were younger; “curses” under which you still labor. Perhaps they told you that you’d never amount to anything, never be able to teach your children, that you were a terrible student or that you were stupid. It’s time to be free from those crippling words.

226 years have gone by since Great Britain conceded that this young upstart nation of United States was no longer under British control and was in charge of their own destiny. If you’re still battling for your own independence, today is a good day to resolve that issue once and for all.

Hopefully you will always remain under the authority of the Holy Spirit- but in terms of this world, it’s time to recognize that you and your husband are responsible for the choices that affect your family’s future.

Talk with your children about the American Revolution. Perhaps you’d like to review “Paul Revere’s Ride” from your Five in a Row studies. Or bake an ‘Treaty of Paris Day’ cake and celebrate after dinner tonight- the independence of our great nation.


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    Christa said,

    Wow! Powerful words of wisdom. Not too long ago I realized that this is exactly what I needed to do in a few areas of my life. Thank you for so clearly stating our need to be dependent on God alone.

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