Women Get the Right to Vote!

That’s what the headlines proclaimed on this day 89 years ago. August 26th, 1920 saw the passing of the 19th amendment to the constitution giving women the right to vote. My, my- how far we’ve come in less than 100 years!

Economists project that sometime this month (August, 2009) women will make up the MAJORITY of workers in the workforce- for the first time in history! We had two women presidential candidates in last year’s election and three female secretaries of state in a row: Madeline Albright, Condoleeza Rice and now Hillary Clinton. Currently we have 17 female United States senators and 75 female United States Representatives. Nearly half of all US Governors are women- totaling 23 currently. We have 100’s of female mayors in all 50 states and yet another female Supreme Court Justice in recently appointed Sonia Sotomayor. And to think, less than 100 years ago women couldn’t even VOTE!

So with all of these amazing possibilites for women, why would any woman choose to be a stay-at-home homeschool mom? It can cause stigma among peers and family membes. It creates a measurable handicap to live on a single income in an increasingly two-income world.

Women do it because they’ve felt the divine tug- a heavenly invitation that defies ratonional explanation. One day they’re minding their own business and the next day they find themselves asking their husband, “What would you think about the idea of teaching our children at home?”

This isn’t just a “good idea” that occurs to hundreds of thousands of women each year. Rather, it is a divine invitation that pierces the chest and stirs the heart in a new and unexpected direction. It defies logic and opposes conventional cultural wisdom. But it is as real as the most basic urge to procreate- to have children, nurture them and raise them.

When doubts arise (and they WILL) just remember that this wasn’t just a “fun idea” that popped into your head one day. Rather, it was an invitation that crossed time, space and logic from a Heavenly Father who knows y, seeou better than you could possibly know yourself.

Today do some research and see if your state has a female Senator or representative or see if your city has a female mayor. Talk with your children about the remarkable changes that have taken place in our culture since 1920. Consider making a voting machine from a cardboard box and then make paper “ballots” and let your children (both boys AND girls) VOTE on one or more issues around the house.

Study Deuteronomy 11:18-21 and ask the Lord about ways to more effectively teach your children about these eternal truths. Then celebrate the fact that your gender has made so many wonderful strides in freedom that you are now free even to follow the Lord’s invitation to teach your own children!


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