A Labor of Love

Are your children familiar with that phrase? What is a labor of love? It’s something we do because we can’t help but do it- because we love to do it- because perhaps we need to do it in order to live, just like breathing in and breathing out. Homeschooling should be a labor of love.

It makes absolutely no sense economically. If you could earn $30,000 outside the home each year, plus benefits, and you homeschool for a total of 25 years from the time your oldest begins kindergarten until your youngest graduates from high school, you’ve invested more than $750,000 plus benefits and compounding. For most of us we could round that number off and simply call it 1 million dollars and we wouldn’t be too far off. Some of you could earn $50,000, $75,000 or even $100,000 each year in your career field. I know many doctors and lawyers who have given up their practice to homeschool their children. For them the cost is several million dollars.

Tutorial education has always been, and remains, the most expensive, most exclusive education money can buy. Whether you hire a private tutor, or whether you become that tutor yourself, it is a monumental financial investment. In short- it makes little monetary sense. But as the MasterCard commercials might say in the tagline: A home school education- priceless!

To know your child, to watch them learn to read, to help them learn about the world around them, develop social skills, find their purpose and nurture their gifting is a priceless experience and it demands a labor of love. Don’t doubt for a moment that your investment is worth every penny you’ve invested. You’re changing the face of your family’s legacy- a change that will impact several generations.

Talk with your children about the phrase “a labor of love.” Ask them what things in their lives are a labor of love: taking care of a beloved pet, practicing every day for swim team, ballet or baseball, learning to play the piano or guitar? These are all things that don’t make sense in the practical realm but make all the sense in the world when we love pets, swimming, ballet, baseball, piano or guitar. They’re a labor of love.

Now talk with your children about the labor of love that is God’s investment in our lives. Time and time again we stumble, fall, fail or wilfully disobey. Yet time and again He picks us up, dusts us off and reassures us how much He loves us. It is a labor of love to care for His creation- and his creations. He doesn’t need to do all of that. He could simply make us robots and force us to love him and obey him. But instead He invests Himself even to the point of death on a cross out of a labor of love for each one of us.

Talk about these verses with your children which talk about God’s love for us…

Psalm 136:2

1 John 4:7

John 3:16


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    Leanne NZ said,

    Thanks Steve!!!
    Hope ok I quoted you & linked on my blog. Very powerful stuff.

    Love Leanne

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