Just Give Me a Ballpark Figure

Is someone in your family having second thoughts about homeschooling? According to several large studies conducted during the past decade, homeschool students, on average, score 30% to 37% better across the board in all subject areas than their public school peers. This holds true regardless of race or gender. That’s just a ballpark figure of course- your student may be more like 50% better than his public school peers!

It’s good to know these basic truths about homeschooling in case you’re asked. It’s also good to know them and to ponder them in your soul when the going gets tough- which it does for all of us from time to time. Homeschooling is the hardest, best thing you’ll ever do.

But more important than academic achievement is the developement of character. Homeschooling is least of all about a well trained mind. Rather, it is first and foremost about a well trained heart. It is about teaching children to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with their God. (Micah 6:8) It is about wisdom more than knowledge and character more than test scores.

Have fun with your children today learning about ballparks! Here’s a delightful website that will tell you everything you always wanted to know about ballparks: http://www.ballparksofbaseball.com/

Work with your children today on establishing “ballpark figures”. What does that mean? How can they estimate a “ballpark figure” for something where they don’t know the precise answer. For example. If you look at a photograph of a man standing near a tree, you can measure the height of the man with a ruler or a finger, then repeat it up to the height of the tree and get a “ballpark figure” of the tree’s height, assuming the man in the photo is approximately 6′ tall. Learning to “guesstimate” a ballpark figure can be very handy in quickly checking a grocery bill to make sure it’s approximately right, etc. Just round off the prices of several key items and add them up in your head to get a “ballpark figure” of whether the bill is approximately correct.

Prayerfully consider these verses that have to do with education and teaching children…

Deut. 11:19

Psalm 34:11

Psalm 78:5


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