Ants in Your Pants

Homeschool mothers are famous for having ants in their pants; a condition characterized by being unable to sit still for more than a few minutes without wiggling around and wanting do something different. I’ve talked before about homeschooling being a “long obedience in the same direction”. It requires a little consistency.

Five in a Row, for instance, has been used successfully by more than 250,000 children over the past 15 years. It works if you’ll do it the way it was intended. But whether it’s Five in a Row or some other program, you need to give it a fair chance to work before you begin fidgeting around and changing things- or worse yet changing curriculum entirely!

Now if you’ve used a program the way it was intended for several months and it’s simply not getting the job done that’s a different story entirely. If your children aren’t learning or are failing to retain information, if you find the material difficult to use, time consuming to prepare and if the program causes you to clash with your children rather than enjoy your children on most days- then by all means change! Just make sure you give it a fair chance first.

Homeschool students get ants in their pants too. They fidget and wiggle and can’t sit still- especially the auditory and kinesthetic learners. For young children that’s not always a bad thing. For busy young bodies who can listen while they move around it may be more effective than forcing them to sit in one place motionless for extended periods. And for kinesthetic learners they need to be doing something physical with their hands- hopefully something related to the lesson activities.

Let’s learn something about ants today, shall we? If you live almost anywhere in north America you should be able to go out and observe some ants today. Just sit quietly and watch. Drop a few tiny bread crumbs- keep watching. Consider buying an ant farm for long-term study; chldren love ant farms! Or make your own ant farm from this set of plans-

If you’ve never doen the lessons from Truman’s Aunt Farm by Jama Kim Rattigan you’re missing out. Pull out your Five in a Row Volume 3 and enjoy!!

Read Proverbs 6:6 and see what your chidren think the verse means. Discuss it with them.

Now read it in conjunction with Proverbs 30:25 and see if that adds additional understanding.


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    Shonda said,

    Steve, I love how you are tying together homeschooling helps with a subject to introduce to our kids. It’s really drawing me in! Thanks!

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