All the News That’s Fit to Print

A newspaper’s job is to print… well, what’s new! Yesterday’s events aren’t interesting anymore, let alone last month or last year’s events. Homeschoolers are kind of like that, aren’t they? It’s so easy to let every new curriculum, every new theory of education, every new organizational plan and every new website cause us to lose interest in what was working yesterday, last month and the year before last. We just want what’s new!

My advice is simple: If it’s not broken- don’t fix it. Five in a Row, for example, has been a proven success for homeschool parents since 1994. The earliest children who used it are now out of college and have families of their own. Perhaps 100,000 children or more who used it are now in college and doing well both academically, and spiritually.

There are a number of proven homeschool products that fall into the same category it seems. But like pigeons chasing stale breadcrumbs in the park, homeschoolers rush hither and yon in search of whoever is tossing out new and exciting crumbs. What we often end up with is empty checkbooks, closets of full of promising curriculum that never quite worked, and children who have educational whiplashes from being jerked around from one educational philosophy to another.

Just imagine if we handled our dietary needs in the same way. No more bread or meat this week. Now we’re eating only raw foods. Next week it’s only Indian foods. The week after it’s only sushi, then an all-meat diet followed by a 100% juice diet. Both our bodies and our emotions would soon become unstable from the dramatic and persistent  changes in our diet. The diet for our minds works the same way. As I mentioned last week- homeschooling is a long obedience in the same direction. It’s about consistency, stability and the confidence born of building a recurring pattern of success.

Do yourself, and your children a favor and pick a well-balanced educational diet, one that’s not the latest fad, but has a long, proven track record of success over several hundred thousand students. Then stick with it; master it and make use of it.

Let’s have fun this week in our homeschool by creating our own newspaper. Assign your children different stories as reporters. Let them interview dad, neighbors, grandparents or siblings. Let them do research. Have them write news stories, human interest stories, humorous stories and moving stories. They (or you) can put their stories into a simple Word document template or otherwise “lay out” a family newspaper. Then print out copies and give them to aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends.

See if you can go on a tour of a local newspaper. Whether it’s a large metropolitan daily, or a small local shopper tabloid, your kids will find the rapidly disappearing newspaper industry fascinating. You can absolutely bet on the fact that by the time your children are in college- there won’t be ANY newspapers left in print and they can tell their grandchildren someday about what they learned when they toured an old-fashioned newspaper plant way back in 2009.

Take a look at Acts 17:21 and discuss the Athenians fascination with all the latest ideas, trends and news. Talk with your children about how we can all become too intrigued with only the latest fads and ideas and the value to be found in building strong, proven traditions.


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