Thanks for the Memories

When homeschooling becomes hard (and if you’ve been doing it for more than a month you KNOW that it gets hard sometimes) you need to give thanks. You’re building memories with your children- children who will be grown and gone before you even know it and what you (and your children) will have left are the memories you’ve made together.

An attitude of gratitude makes everything we do go more smoothly- including homeschooling. In at least half the nations of the world your children wouldn’t receive any education at all. In many of the rest their education would be either a cursory education for a few short years, or a government enforced education where the state decides which students are smart enough to be allowed to continue and which ones are turned out into manual labor jobs at a young age.

Only in a few countries would the opportunity to homeschool your children even be an option. You are blessed beyond your understanding to have the privilege of homescohooling. And yes- it does get hard, Virginia! But then what have you ever done in your life that was truly worthwhile that wasn’t hard sometimes?

And the memories you make as you read together and learn together and discovery the world around you together will last long after your mortal remains have been interred. The memories that you created this very day will live on in your children for the rest of their lives- and they will tell their children and their grandchildren about the amazing memories they made with you in homeschool. Is it hard? You bet. Is it worth it? Don’t ever doubt it.

Let’s help your children develop a little gratitude in their lives too, shall we? Have them sit down today and make a list of 100 things they are thankful for. After the first 20 or 30 it will become hard for them. But keep pressing forward until they have a list of 100. Tell them the story of something you found difficult or even unpleasant when you were a child that you are thankful for today. Perhaps it was piano lessons or having to work and save money for something you really wanted.

Now make a list of 100 reasons why you are thankful for your children. Then read it to them. They need to hear how much you appreciate them- how thankful you are for each of them. And for the privilege of learning together as a family through homeschooling.

Talk about these verses with your children- and perhaps with your husband too. (Husbands and wives also need to know that they’re appreciated!)

Psalm 100:4

Ephesians 5:4

Philippians 4:6


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    Zindra said,

    Will attempt to make my list of 100… Will have to see how far I get on a list with my older kids (10 & 8). Love your stuff. Thanks for keeping on encouraging us. Us moms need it, that’s for sure!

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