Better Call Your Bookie

No- this isn’t about gambling! LOL! It’s about books- the 8th wonder of the world. Books are the almost-magical tool that allows us to experience what we’ve never experienced, travel where we’ve never traveled, learn what we never knew and live in times long past or still in the future. The are truly a miracle.

As anyone who has used Beyond Five in a Row knows, Marie Curie’s research with radium won her two Nobel Prizes- and also cost Curie her life, dying of aplastic anemia caused by her constant exposure to radiation. Yet through the miracle of books, you can read Curie’s works and learn everything she learned- without having to expose your body to deadly radiation. Now if that’s not miraculous, I don’t know what is.

Even God Himself chose to put His story down in writing in the form of the Bible. Because of that foresight on the Lord’s part, we are able to read and study His wisdom for conducting our lives rather than having to rely on an oral tradition or worse still- being left with no recorded history to study.

It’s for all of these reasons that Five in a Row is built upon a solid foundation of great children’s literature- and it’s why your homeschool (regardless of the curriculum you choose) should also be built upon that same foundation. Books are the foundation to all learning and a lifetime source of pleasure and information. Your bookseller and your librarian should be near the top of your autodial list of phone numbers of website addresses. Children who develop an early love of books will never be at a loss for education. Reading is the single most important predictor of academic success in life.  Before Five in a Row begins building that important legacy of turning children into readers as early as age two by facilitating parent-child interaction each day centered around great books.

Today is a great day to learn more about books with your children. Perhaps you’d like to study Johannes Gutenberg who introduced movable type, facilitating the mass printing of books. Or perhaps your children would enjoy writing and illustrating their own books. (Even young children can dictate a story for you to write down for them and then add their own illustrations.) Valerie Bendt has a wonderful book on this topic:

When all else fails on any homeschool day- read. Read to your children. Let them read to you. Take turns reading. Read. Read. Read. To read aloud for 2 or even 3 hours a day is never a waste of time. You’ll build unforgettable memories together and you’ll nurture a love of reading in every child in your family. Read Stephen Meader books to your boys. Read Grandma’s Attic books to your daughters. Read Little House books to all your children. Read, read, read.

John 21:25

Acts 8:28

Phil. 4:3


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