Let Them Eat Cake

Marie Antoinette is attributed with this famous saying. But we’re not concerned about the precise origin. What we DO care about is making our homeschool both fun- AND effective. There are three vital elements to having an effective homeschool experience. I’ll be talking about those three elements in the weeks ahead. But today, let’s talk about the first requirement. What you teach MUST be interesting to your student. If you fail to capture their interest, the information you share will quickly bounce off young minds.

Perhaps I captured YOUR interest with today’s blog title. Did you immediately wonder what I was going to talk about? Did your mind race ahead and begin worrying about how out-of-control your children get when they’ve had too much sugar? Did your memory suddenly jog to birthday cakes and an upcoming birthday you’d forgotten about? It’s amazing how quickly our mind begins to work as soon as we capture someone’s interest.

Look for ways to tie in whatever you’re teaching with something that might be of interest to your children. Math suddenly becomes interesting if it connects to baseball, horses or dinosaurs. You can’t always make the connection for them- but you’ll be surprised how often you CAN help them in this simple way.

So let’s talk about cake, shall we? How about small, round cakes for breakfast today? Pancakes! Do your children know some people refer to a bar of soap as a cake of soap? Round cakes and square cakes give you opportunities to have fun with geometry concepts for young students; review “four equal sides” or “90-degree angles” or “circumference, diameter, radius, etc.”

Cakes provide a natural opportunity to explore wheat, sugar, cholate and more. Each of those topics is a whole study in itself; the history, nutrition, dangers, allergic reactions and so much more. Nearly ALL children love to “help” in the kitchen- which usually makes everything take three times as long, but makes memories that last forever.

Why not spend an hour today letting the children “help” bake and decorate a cake for dinner today. Daddy or grandparents will enjoy the treat and your children will all be so proud.

Exodus 12: 39

Exodus 29:2


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    Jill said,

    These posts are so amazing! Thank you for providing us with such a natural way to teach our kids. I love the scripture verses under each one!

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