Outfox Bored Students

Today, let’s have some fun with the word fox. Here’s a great site to get your discussion started: http://www.thefoxwebsite.org/

Did you know that a female fox is called a vixen? Did your children know that a baby fox is called a kit?

Foxes have traditionally been thought of as very clever, crafty animals. Talk with your children about what it means when we say someone was outfoxed.

What does it mean when we say someone was “crazy like a fox?” Of what about “sly as a fox?”

Foxes are known for their large, bushy tails. Have you or your children ever seen the plant called foxtail? Take a look at photos of the plant and see if your child can guess why it’s called foxtail. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foxtail_(diaspore)

Do you remember seeing the Disney animated version of Robin Hood as a child- where Robin Hood was a fox and Maid Marian was a vixen? Today might be a fun day to rent this classic animated film and enjoy it with your children.

Let your children make a fun fox puppet following these simple steps. (Use brown or gray construction paper if you have it available): http://www.instructables.com/id/Paper-Hand-Puppet/

Song of Solomon 2:15

Matthew 8:20

Luke 13:32


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