The Peter Principle

Add some fun to your homeschool day today with the name Peter. Spend a few minutes thinking of all the famous people you and your children can think of named Peter. Peter Rabbit should come near the top of your list. Remember the Five in a Row unit you did on The Tale of Peter Rabbit? Have you ever seen or read Peter Pan? How about St. Peter in the Bible? Each name you think of gives you a chance to talk, share or look up information about this individual. How about Peter the Great? Put on some music by Peter Tchaikovsky if you have a CD available.

Pete Sampras is one of the best tennis players in the world. Do your children  about tennis? How about foreign versions of the name Peter? Pedro is the Spanish version of Peter. Do you know anyone named Pedro? Do you have a child in Boy Scouts? Were they aware that Pedro is the name of the burro mascot in Boys Life magazine? How about cities or towns nearby with Pedro in the name? Or how about Pierre? Pierre is the French version of Peter. Can you think of any famous Pierres? If you’ve done the Marie Curie unit in Beyond Five in a Row you’ll know that her husband was named Pierre. Do  you know the capital of South Dakota? Most people forget- it’s Pierre!

Does your child have a friend or perhaps a neighbor named Peter? Can you think of something special you can do today to bless that person- perhaps even anonymously. Does your child know the word anonymous? Now would be a wonderful time to teach them!

Matthew 4:18

Matthew 16:18


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