Whatever Floats Their Boat

Who can forget the simple pleasure of floating homemade paper boats in the gutter on a rainy day? (Obviously- do NOT let your children play in any area subject to flash flooding!!!)

Here’s how to make one if you’ve forgotten: http://www.mathematische-basteleien.de/paper_ship.htm

As long as you’re making paper boats, why not make a paper sailor’s hat while you’re at it? Remember how you made them out of newspaper when you were a child? Same principle as making a paper boat:


Now you’re all set. Put on your paper sailor’s hats and float your paper boat.

If it’s not raining- play with paper boats at the beach, in the wading pool, at the regular swimming pool, in the bath tub, or even in the kitchen sink. Just add water and enjoy!

While you’re building your paper boats and hats, take a few minutes to review the MANY geometric shapes you’ll see as the paper is folded: squares, rectangles, triangles, trapezoids and more. Five in a Row’s wonderful Fold’nLearns aren’t the only way to fold and learn!

Why does the boat float? It’s all about buoyancy. Anyone who has done The Story About Ping unit study will know that of course! Go back and take a look in your Five in a Row manual (Vol. 1) and re-read the lesson on buoyancy in the Ping unit. While you’re playing in the water, gather some other items to test for buoyancy once again. It’s always good to review your lessons in a fun setting. Challenge your children to predict which items will float and which ones will sink. Then ask them why!

Remember: the key to teaching success is to make the subject material interesting, relevant and accessible.

Matthew 14:29-31

John: 21:2-4


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