Board or Bored?

Amusing them can take many forms. Today let’s talk about variations on boards without getting bored. Are you all aboard? Have I bored you yet?

Learning about boards is a chance to talk about sawmills, trees, construction sites and more. Perhaps a trip to the lumber yard would be fun. Take a look at all the different types of boards from beautiful hardwoods like oak, walnut and cherry- to the soft pines and cedars.

Each type of board has special properties. Do you have a cedar closet, or a cedar-lined hope chest? If you go the lumber yard be sure to smell cedar and pine both. Go on-line and research the early lumber industry in this country- the lumber barons and the cutting of millions of board feet of lumber. How do they calculate board feet? Have your older children find out.

What is a board of directors? The chairman of the board? (And I’m not talking about Bruce Springsteen but he might be fun to learn about today too.) Why do we call it “boarding a ship”? Where does the term “All aboard” come from?

What about cardboard? Chalkboard? Whiteboard? School Board? Board sports like surfing? Diving board? Board games? How about the sound board they use at church to mix the audio levels? Printed circuit boards in electronic devices? What does it mean when we say a physician is board certified?

Still bored? No- I thought not!! Don’t explore ALL of these ideas, but pick one or two as a fun diversion in your teaching day. Make learning fun and your kids will ask for more- I promise!

If all else fails, give your 5-year-old a board, a hammer and some nails. He’ll take care of the rest himself!

1 Kings 6 (especially verses 15 & 16)

Acts 21:2


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