Green Friday

Green is today’s tip for making learning fun. Perhaps a few drops of green food coloring in pancakes or orange juice or the milk on the cereal for a start. Or have fun planning an all-green lunch or dinner for later in the day.

Look for opportunities to talk about ecology as it relates to something you’re studying today and explain how the term “green” relates.

Experiment in an art lesson with how green is made (blue and yellow of course) or paint a painting or draw with crayons or colored pencils, limiting your student to use nothing but various shades of green in their work. Read Green Eggs and Ham or The Big Green Pocketbook if you happen to have a copy handy.

Talk about green idioms such as “the grass is always greener on the other side”. What does that mean? Have you ever been guilty of believing that? How did it turn out? Maybe you can share your memories of “Mr. Greenjeans” on Captain Kangaroo today during lunch.

Introduce the idea of chlorophyll and why plants are green. For older children, research why green leaves lose their green color in the fall. In short- make “green” the fun key that unlocks whatever Five in a Row unit (or other curriculum) you’re doing this week. Watch for unexpected opportunities- things that I haven’t mentioned- that pop up during the day to incorporate “green” into your learning fun.

You might set aside a special prize (a piece of gum, a quarter, a video-game privilege chit or whatever) at the beginning of the day for the first student who catches the word “green” being used today from any unplanned source: a television program, a radio show (I LOVE to listen to “Radio Classics” on XM radio 164 or Sirius radio 118!), in a textbook, storybook you’re reading or anywhere else it might pop up! You’ll be surprised how much a simple game adds focus and motivation to your teaching day.

Perhaps you’d like to read Psalm 23 and talk about “green pastures” and what that means with your children.


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