The impossible, wonderful job of homeschooling

Ever notice how some of the best days you’ve ever experienced in homeschooling were the days when nothing went the way you’d planned? Why is it that endless hours of lesson planning and class preparation can so often produce a dull, lifeless experience that neither student nor teacher wants to repeat?

The answer has to do with freshness, with spontaneity, with Life that can sometimes infect our homeschool days with an unexpected joy and delight. In order to be an effective teacher, we must be three things- interesting, relevant and accessible to our student.

Missing any one of the three ingredients leaves us dissatisfied as teachers- and leaves our students dissatisfied as learners. We must capture their interest and imagination somehow. Then we must make today’s lesson somehow relevant to their young life. And finally we have to put the information we hope to impart into an accessible format for their young mind.

What we all need is a fresh dose of daily inspiration- a place where we can come and allow God to breathe into us a vision for the day. Practical some days, whimsical others- it doesn’t matter as long as it continues to capture the hearts and minds of our children in such a way that learning and growth takes place more days than not.

Here is a source for daily inspiration- a quiet spot on the world wide web where you can come for a moment of solitude and an idea that just might spark an unforgettable learning opportunity today. Oh sure, math and spelling may still be tough plowing- but here exists the possibility of making the other subjects come alive each day.


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