Amuse them?

Is that what we’re called to do? Are we really supposed to amuse our children in homeschooling? I thought we were supposed to cram facts and knowledge into young minds- fill their heads with useful knowledge, and even some not-so-useful knowledge.

How do you like to be taught? Do you like to be amused- entertained a bit in the process of learning? Or do you prefer to simply have the teacher hammer away relentlessly at the facts until your mind goes numb and your eyes cross?

I think a little amusement makes every homeschool experience a little bit of heaven: homeschoolheaven in fact. Perhaps Julie Andrews said it best when she sang, “just a spoonfull of sugar makes the medicine go down.” Remember? I do. A little bit of sugar is the joy, the amusement, the Life that helps the sometimes not-so-sweet “medicine” of learning go down for both student- and teacher.

How then, shall we amuse them today?


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    Leanne NZ said,

    I soo agree… and a few other mums with prams & toddlers in tow did too – watching a big 12 plus lad & a 40year plus, wide something home schooling mother have a leaf fight yesterday at the park.

    Hay love you have a new blog – looking forward to reading your tip bits.

    Love Leanne

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